13258463 sIf they want to "Get away from it all", why are they taking it all with them?

It's a philosophy, really.

I have seen the large campers back in, crank up, slide out, plug in, unhook, and level up. Oops, need to back in again – wasn't straight. Then they unpack like they are a basecamp for an assault on the summit. The awnings come out, the generator fires up, tables, chairs, strings of lights... "Honey, where did you put the _______?" By the end of it they look exhausted and are ready to tear each other apart. Their neighbor in the next campsite is just an arm's length away. Forget about going off the beaten path. Just stick to the interstate buddy.

Somehow we have been told that this is relaxing. Maybe it is for some, but I would hate to see their day job!

Now imagine an experience where you pull in, throw open the doors and.... That's it. You're done. No set up. You don't even have to unhook from your vehicle or even 'level up'. No longer are you limited to certain sized campsites. No water or electric hookup? No problem. You can travel farther, travel cheaper, see more, do more... or just do less! You can finally go to those little out-of-the-way places. Park anywhere. The stress is gone and suddenly you find yourself relaxing. TRULY relaxing. And that's freedom.

After all, isn't that why you are here?