18222056 sOur vehicles are designed to provide the most enjoyment in the most efficient package.

Aerodynamics = Fuel Efficiency. I won't say they will improve your mileage, but our vehicles can be towed by the family car at a cost of only a few miles per gallon. Its shape makes towing easy, and safe.

Compact. Have you ever tried to find a parking spot for a 45' camping trailer and your tow vehicle? Then you will appreciate that our vehicles can be pushed around by hand and will fit in a standard garage stall with room to spare. But don't think that small is not comfortable! How does a queen sized memory foam mattress, flat screen TV, and a stainless steel gourmet kitchen sound?

23094732 sEnergy. Our vehicles use the latest in LED lighting and low energy appliances to offer the smallest carbon footprint. They are also designed to be completely self-sufficient with no need to "plug in" at the campsite. Our trailers will last days on a single charge but can be recharged easily from your car on the way to your next destination. We even offer a solar panel for complete off-the-grid adventures!